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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: T3



Iva Esclusa

TIG welded ribbed extruded aluminum staircase equipped with flat steps, platform, guardrail and handrails. It can be equipped with front or side landing with gate to access vehicles or machinery. The backrest is perpendicular to the ground to allow the operator to approach the wall or machinery from the front. The basic self-braking system with PCV supports and Ø 125 mm wheels is automatic and is active when the ladder is in the working position; it is deactivated as soon as the ladder is lifted for movement.

It is possible to create the Turret staircase with customized dimensions and characteristics, contact us for more information.

NB: The turrets are custom-made stairs, check the measurements carefully before placing the order as they CANNOT be replaced.

Standard Equipment:
Non-slip steps: 10 or 20 cm; pitch 23 cm
• Ramp upright sections 100x30 mm
• Body guard 100 cm
• Toe clip height 15 cm
• Increased platform 60x70 cm
• Ramp width 65 cm
• Standard ramp inclination 55°
• Articulated foot: 180x60 mm
• Lifting handles

In the photo: Turret (5 GR) (Step 100 MM)