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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: TL4

Tele Light


Iva Esclusa

Double ladder in ribbed extruded aluminum with telescopic extension equipped with platform and parapet . Compliant with European Standards UNIEN131, it combines the characteristics of a telescopic ladder with those of a double ladder to obtain a mix of manageability, transportability and safety impossible to find in other models. With just 2 models it is possible to obtain 7 different working heights. It can be used lame on stairs or unevenness. When closed it is compact, easy to transport.

● Nylon covered steel safety hooks for telescopic elevation
● Strap with carabiner to lock the closed ladder
● Ergonomic oversized pads in non-slip PVC
● Non-slip reinforced aluminum platform (57 x 44cm) with 10cm toeboard
● Anti-slip rungs 27x27 mm
● 100 cm body guard
● Widened base (maximum stability)
● Entrance ramp width 55 cm
● Steel opening hinges
● Tool shelf (capacity 15 kg)
● Platform locking hook
● Internal upright section 57x27 mm
● External upright section 64x30 mm

In photo: Tele Light (4+3 GR)