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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: ST14

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Iva Esclusa

Compact telescopic ladder that can only be used on a stand and can reach considerable working heights . Easy to transport, it reaches up to 5.40m of work. A professional double rise product with a working height of up to 5.4 meters with the optional Sicurkit platform/parapet. Designed for professional use, it is made of ribbed extruded aluminium.

● Anti-slip knurled rungs 27x27 mm
● Reinforced nylon zippers
● Rung pitch 28 cm
● Anti-slip PVC pads
● Internal upright profile 57x27 mm
● External upright profile 64x30 mm
● Internal ramp width 36.5 cm
● Polypropylene tool tray 31x36 cm

In the photo: Stellissima (14+14 GR)