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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: STP8

Stellina Plus


Iva Esclusa

In increased ribbed extruded aluminum with telescopic extension and enlarged base. Designed for intensive professional use, it has increased profiles for resistance to European standards up to 12 steps. It can be used both as a free-standing and double or lame ladder on stairways.

The Stellina aluminum hinge, with quick positioning positions, allows you to:
Open and close the ladder in the “gantry” position without acting on the hinge
Lock the open ladder in the “gantry” position by acting on the hinge
Open the ladder in the “leaning against the wall” position by acting on the hinge


● Anti-slip knurled rungs 27x27 mm
● Aluminum hinge knobs
● Rung pitch 28 cm
● Anti-slip PVC pads
● Internal upright profile 63x27 mm
● External upright profile 70x31 mm
● Internal ramp width 36.5 cm
● Polypropylene tool tray 31x36 cm
● Steel safety tie rods covered in nylon
● Cosmos Bag included

In the photo: Stellina Plus (8+8 GR)