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Scala Domestica  |  SKU: SS5090



Iva Esclusa

Retractable ladder in white painted steel, profile 50x20x1.2 mm, consisting of 10 steps and 4 flights. Suitable for a ceiling height of 3.00 m, indoor use. To adapt the ladder to heights lower than 3.00 m (min. 2.70 m), simply saw off the excess portion of the ladder (see assembly instructions). Equipped with right handrail made up of 2 hinged pieces. Four 40x3 mm steel brackets fix it to the hatch reinforced by 2 corner profiles. Closed ladder stack thickness 32 cm. 

The pressed sheet metal steps are welded to the uprights and have the following dimensions: 
• 350x100 mm x 1.5 mm thick for hatches with a width of 70 cm 
• 250x100 mm x thickness 1.0 mm for hatches with a width of 50 cm 

Standard Equipment:
• Landing handles on the attic
• Telescopic opening rod 
• Lock, screws and fixing brackets provided for thicknesses  of the slab of 28 cm (stairs for slabs from 15 to 28 cm) 
• Scale inclination 65° 
• 1.2 mm thick sheet metal frame, top quality chipboard hatch (16 mm thick) 
• Heat shrink packaging