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Rampa Professionale  |  SKU: M150S

High Capacity Ramp


Iva Esclusa

Made of extruded ribbed aluminum with very high mechanical resistance. They allow you to support loads of up to 9,500 kg. Ideal for loading aerial platforms and other machinery. Equipped with attachment brackets on vehicles. Not suitable for tracked vehicles. If you need to use it with tracks, contact the office for optional applications. Product built respecting safety requirements.

The verification load, with regards to the capacity of the loading ramps, was conducted considering that the wheelbase of the vehicle to be loaded has the minimum value of 1,400 mm (except for models with an upright thickness of 7.5CM where the The wheelbase has a minimum value of 1,000 mm).

NB: The Ramps are sold in pairs, the price is for the pair.

The models: TL, NL, ML and IL can, upon request, be made with wheels for use with tracked vehicles