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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: PO3



Iva Esclusa

Staircase with large flat steps equipped with platform , handrails and guardrail measuring 91 cm. Made of ribbed extruded aluminium. Supplied disassembled, they can be easily assembled thanks to the detailed instruction booklet. When the operator climbs the ladder, the spring system makes the ladder rest on the appropriate rubber feet, blocking it for work. The foot brakes on 2 of the 4 wheels make the ladder even more stable which, once unloaded, can be pushed by the operator on the 4 wheels to the workplace.


Non-slip aluminum platform 60x80 cm
Depth/pitch of steps 20/24 cm
Ramp profile 65x25 mm
Ramp inclination 55°
Toe clip height 6 cm
Ramp width 60 cm
2 spring wheels with brake Ø 125 mm
2 spring wheels without brake Ø 125 mm
Front landing (removable front parapet)
Aluminum reinforcement bars
Steps welded to the uprights
Parapet height: 100 cm

In photo: Bridge (7 GR)