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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: PL3

Stage Light


Iva Esclusa

Stairs with flat steps equipped with platform, handrails and guardrails . Made of ribbed extruded aluminium. Supplied disassembled, they can be easily assembled thanks to the detailed instruction booklet. The backrest of the Palco Light model is almost perpendicular to the ground so as to allow the operator to approach the machinery from the front. The ladder always rests on the base feet and can be used like a wheelbarrow by lifting it on the front wheels.


Non-slip painted wooden platform: 61x78 cm
Depth/pitch of steps: 8 cm/23 cm
Ramp/backrest profile: C-shaped 85x20 mm/square 70x25 mm
Ramp inclination: 67°
Railing/footboard height: 100/15 cm
Ramp width: 60 cm
Diameter of 2 wheels: 80 mm
Spreader starting from 5 steps
Base reinforcement bars in galvanized steel starting from the 4th step
Step fixing system: riveting (6 rivets per step)
Movement system: lifting (2 wheels and pads)

In photo: Palco Light (5 GR)