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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: OMS4

Ursa Major Slim


Iva Esclusa

It is the ultra-compact version of the Orsa Maggiore series specially designed for the narrow corridors of warehouses, supermarkets and storage centres , where narrow but unballasted and therefore dangerous bunk ladders are normally used. The structure of the Slim is the same as the Orsa Maggiore series except that the bulky base expander has been replaced by a ballast which gives the ladder the stability necessary to prevent it from tipping over. Each ladder can be easily moved on the supplied wheels . The ballast is mounted on the ladder with a conveniently installed slide. Once the ballast has been removed, the ladder can be closed for transport or storage. The staircase leaves room in the corridor for the passage of trolleys.

● Knurled aluminum platform (54x54cm) with 10cm toe clip
● Lifting handles
● Base spreader with block supports and wheels D.125mm
● Flat anti-slip steps 20 cm / pitch 23 cm
● Tool shelf

In photo: Ursa Major Slim (8 GR)