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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: M45

Aim 4


Iva Esclusa

Professional double climb ladder with flat steps and rungs that can be transformed from a trestle ladder (double) to a single and double support ladder. It is produced in ribbed extruded aluminum with the steps welded to the uprights, ideal for craftsmen and maintenance workers who need different positions and heights to be able to carry out different types of interventions. Also perfect for fruit harvesting in agriculture.


Ramp/backrest uprights mm 80x25/mm 57x26
Ergonomic oversized anti-slip PVC pads
Flat anti-slip steps 8 cm / 25 cm pitch
Anti-slip rungs 27 mm / 28 cm pitch
Aluminum opening hinges
Reinforcement bars welded on all steps
Shrink-wrapped packaging with poster
Cosmos Bag tool holder supplied

In photo: Mira 4 (6 GR)