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Scala Domestica  |  SKU: TSMLOFT



Iva Esclusa

Telescopic ladder in anodized aluminum for internal use. Extremely light, it features a wide climbing ramp made up of new triangular section uprights of extreme resistance and stability. It opens and closes effortlessly in seconds like a telescopic fishing rod. It can be installed in 10 minutes with the supplied screws on the short wall of the hole in the slab. It does not require masonry work and assembly can be done directly by the user (provided with assembly instructions).

Adjustable assembly for ceiling heights (adjustable ladder-frame coupling): Loft from 2.55 m to 2.95 m
Minimum distance between hatch and wall that allows extraction: 100 cm

Standard Equipment:
• Opening strap
• 6 fixing screws for wooden floors 
• 2 return springs 
• Step width: 4 cm 
• Number of steps: Loft 10 (gr)
• Inclination: 65° (2.65 m ceiling) - 75° (3.00 m ceiling) 

Minimum hole dimensions:
• Loft mounted on 2.55-2.65 m ceilings: hole 52 x 92 cm 
• Loft mounted on ceilings measuring 2.65-2.80 m: opening 52 x 100 cm 
• Loft mounted on ceilings measuring 2.80-2.95 m: opening 52 x 110 cm