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Sgabello Professionale  |  SKU: MM2

Mini Mira


Iva Esclusa

Professional stool compliant with European standard EN14183 in aluminum with double rise. Built by welding the steps to the uprights, obtaining an ultra-resistant monolith . Equipped with reinforcements on the first step.


Anti-slip steps with flat tread 8 cm / Step pitch 20 cm

● Ergonomic oversized anti-slip PVC pads

● Double anti-accidental opening/closing system: galvanized steel bars and hinges

● Walking platform 20x39 cm

● Closed ladder thickness 22 cm

● Shrink-wrapped packaging with poster

NB: According to the European Standard UNIEN14183 with MiniMira 2 and 3 steps the operator can stop on the last steps or on the platform even in the absence of the body guard (optional). A 60 cm guardrail is mandatory only for the 4th and 5th steps.

In photo: MiniMira (3 GR)