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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: MGL2

Mini Gemma Light


Iva Esclusa

Built to work on supermarket shelves or on small machinery, it offers 360° protection for a maximum platform height of 50 cm. Equipped with an access step with a depth of 100 mm. Very light, it can be moved on the 2 wheels supplied. It replaces the dangerous stools used in the aisles.


Reinforced non-slip aluminum platform (49x44 cm) with anti-accidental opening system and 10 cm toe clip
Ergonomic oversized anti-slip PVC pads
Step tread 100 mm
Bodyguard 100 cm on 4 sides
Painted handrails that don't get your hands dirty
2 wheels Ø 150 mm
47 cm boarding ramp
Steel opening hinges

In photo: Mini Gemma Light (2 GR)