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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: MG12

Mini Gemma


Iva Esclusa

Built according to the French EMER Standards, they were created explicitly to work on supermarket shelves and offer 360° protection for a maximum platform height of 50 cm. The tallest model is equipped with an access step with a depth of 100 mm. Very light, it can be moved in all directions with the swivel wheels supplied . In this way the thousands of operators who today use inappropriate stools will have compliant equipment and the Safety Managers and the companies themselves will be protected in the event of an accident (operator falls).


Reinforced anti-slip aluminum platform (49x44 cm) with anti-accidental opening system and 10 cm toe clip
Ergonomic oversized anti-slip PVC pads
Step tread 100 mm
Bodyguard 100 cm on 4 sides
Tool shelf with a capacity of 15 kg
Foldable painted handrails that don't get your hands dirty
47 cm boarding ramp
Steel opening hinges

In photo: Mini Gemma (1 GR 2WD) and Mini Gemma (2 GR 4WD)