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Trabattello Hobbistico  |  SKU: LI



Iva Esclusa

The Lion is a small scaffold designed for light, domestic and "do it yourself" use.
Convertible to scale , it is built in very light aluminum and completely dismantled. It moves very easily using PVC wheels and passes through standard doors and corridors.
It can be used in 3 positions .
• Small scaffold (working height 3 m)
• Single ladder with 6 rungs (working height 2.8 m)
• Trestle ladder (working height 2.6 m)

With the addition of the Optional Extension it can also
be used in 3 other positions:
• Trestle ladder with guard (working height 3.6 m)
• Lame scaffolding on stairs
• Lame trestle ladder on stairways