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Moduli Trabattelli  |  SKU: PV

Kit - Venus


Iva Esclusa

Composition kits for the Venere scaffold, which can be purchased to replace damaged ones or to integrate the scaffold. It is also possible to purchase individual elements .

Complete top (steel): N.1 Top with trap door (steel), N.2 Long edge, N.2 Short side.

Base for doubling: N.2 Spars with wheels, N.2 Diagonals, N.2 Parapet element.

Foot clips: N.2 long side rail, N.2 short side rail.

ATTENTION: The only configurations in which it is possible to assemble the scaffold are those indicated in the manuals. It is therefore recommended to check the manual for the components necessary to create the desired configuration or contact one of our technicians for assistance.