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Scala Domestica  |  SKU: SHP7080

Harmonica Wall


Iva Esclusa

Retractable wall ladder composed of 11 steps and mobile structure made of 15/10 galvanized pressed sheet metal and with shock-absorbing and return springs that facilitate opening and closing of the ladder.

To facilitate getting on and off, a telescopic handrail is provided on the right side.

The frame of the retractable wall ladder is made of 10/10 galvanized steel sheet and reinforcement corners, while the hatch is made of a first choice chipboard panel (16 mm thick) with minimal formaldehyde emission (class E1 standard UNI EN 13986:2005).

The retractable ladder for vertical access is certified according to the UNI EN 14975:2007 regulation and guarantees a capacity of 150 kg as it has been tested with a static test load of 260 kg.

It is important to know that the wall on which the ladder is to be mounted is capable of supporting a strong horizontal thrust . Therefore, in the case of mounting on plasterboard walls or 8 cm perforated walls , the retractable wall ladder must be anchored to the supporting floor , using the appropriate reinforcement plate.

The retractable wall pantograph ladder is shipped fully assembled and ready to be installed.

Standard Equipment:

  • Structure in 15/10 pressed steel sheet protected by electrolytic galvanization

  • Bolt-on levers for easy scale adjustment

  • Chipboard hatch panel (16 mm thick) with reinforcement corners

  • 10/10 galvanized sheet steel frame with reinforcement corners

  • L-shaped brackets for anchoring to the floor to facilitate the installation of the ladder

  • Galvanized steel reinforcement plate

  • Shock-absorbing springs to facilitate opening and closing of the ladder

  • Non-slip shaped step

  • Right side telescopic handrail

  • Ground support feet

  • Operating rod