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Scala Domestica  |  SKU: SH5070



Iva Esclusa

11-step galvanized steel staircase that opens by pantograph. Equipped with telescopic handrail. It also has 2 metal corner profiles that fix it to the hatch made of first choice chipboard with a thickness of 16 mm. The ladder is indicated from 2.80 m up to a maximum ceiling height of 3.00 m and for internal use. To adapt the ladder to lower heights, simply remove the excess steps. Closed ladder stack thickness 40 cm.

The pressed sheet metal steps are welded to the elements that make up the pantograph and have the following dimensions:
• 350x100 mm x thickness 1.4 mm for hatches with a width of 70 cm
• 250x100 mm x thickness 1.4 mm for hatches with a width of 50 cm

Standard Equipment:
• Telescopic right handrail 
• Landing handles on the attic 
• Telescopic opening rod 
• Lock, screws and fixing brackets provided for thicknesses of the slab of 28 cm (stairs for slabs from 15 to 28 cm) 
• Scale inclination 65° 
• 1.2 mm thick sheet metal frame, top quality chipboard hatch (16 mm thick) 
• Heat shrink packaging