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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: GL3

Gemma Light


Iva Esclusa

Movable ladder with platform compliant with European Standards UNIEN131/7. An advanced anti-tipping system made up of foldable telescopic expanders allows you to work even against a wall.


  • Reinforced non-slip aluminum platform (58x44 cm) with anti-accidental opening system and 10 cm toe clip

  • Ergonomic oversized pads in non-slip PVC

  • Non-slip rungs: tread 30 mm; pitch 30 cm

  • Bodyguard 100 cm on 4 sides

  • Integrated foldable telescopic spreaders:

3/4 g: open = 144 cm
5/6 g: open = 168 cm
7/8 g: open = 202 cm

  • Anti-opening strap (with ladder closed)

  • Closed thickness 63 cm

  • Removable handrails

  • Transport wheels diam.150 mm

  • Tool bag

  • Steel opening hinges

  • Inclined rungs edged in three stages with a long-lasting "sandwich" effect: Inclined at 30 degrees with respect to the axis of the ladder, the rungs are parallel to the ground so that the operator can rest his foot on the flat part, increasing comfort.

In photo: Gemma Light (4 GR )