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Sgabello Professionale  |  SKU: EDI3



Iva Esclusa

Folding stool with a climbing section, in galvanized steel against rust and bad weather. Sturdy and resistant, it can be closed for transport and storage . Ideal for construction sites, it is equipped with wide grated steps that allow the drainage of mortar, sand, cement and other material. It allows convenient access to different levels on the construction site with stable support.


Floor standing with widened base and non-slip feet

● Galvanized steel structure against rust and bad weather

● Integrated anti-closing safety device

● Access ramp useful width 500 mm

● Depth/distance of steps: 205/240 mm

● Open footprint mm: 3 gr. 762x666 - 4 gr. 985x666

● Tubular profile

In the photo: Edile (3 GR)