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Trabattello Hobbistico  |  SKU: DRAGON



Iva Esclusa

Dragon is a scaffolding made up of an ingenious combination of 2 transformable ladders and a series of crosspieces that make the structure rigid and stable. It can be used at different heights and each component can be used separately. With the purchase of a single product you get numerous possibilities of use and is ideal for painting and maintenance work up to a working height of 3.55m. It is built in a very light aluminum profile (75x25x1.5 mm) with crosspieces and parapets in steel painted with epoxy powders. Few components make it light, space-saving to transport and easy to assemble in a few minutes and without the need for tools. Suitable for hobby/domestic use in particular for " do it yourself ".
The version equipped with 4 wheels with brakes also allows professional use according to Legislative Decree 81/2008.