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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: DF3

Deneb Fiber


Iva Esclusa

Electrically insulated professional ladder designed for operators who find themselves working near cables, sockets or other sources of electrical energy. The fiberglass uprights offer electrical insulation and the non-slip knurled aluminum steps make the ladder light and easy to handle. It complies with the European Standards UNIEN131. The painted handrails do not dirty the operator's hands. They are supplied disassembled in the packaging.

● Reinforced aluminum platform
non-slip (43x44 cm) with anti-accidental opening system
Ergonomic oversized pads in non-slip PVC
Non-slip steps: depth 83 mm; distance 260 mm
Bodyguard 83 cm on 4 sides
Double base expander
Safety straps to prevent accidental opening
Removable shaped handrails painted with epoxy powders
Transport wheels diam.125 mm
External ramp width 50 cm
Steel opening hinges

In photo: Deneb Fibra (4 GR)