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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: SCAF8

Cancer Shelves


Iva Esclusa

Made of extruded aluminium, it is equipped with a sophisticated connection and sliding system on the support rail for a soft and constant sliding. To use the ladder, simply lift it and position it for climbing. Once the work is finished, it can be left in place or returned to its rest position perfectly vertically against the shelving. The sliding system on the ground and on the pipe always remains active and ready for use. On the ground 2 spring wheels diam. 80 mm automatically locks the ladder for maximum safety. The automatic self-braking system is activated by the weight of the operator who crushes the springs of the wheels that rest the ladder on the base feet. It is deactivated when the operator descends and pushes the ladder. Flat steps 8 cm (distance 25 cm). Shrink-wrapped packaging.

It is possible to purchase ladders equipped with 2 hooks at the top (hook in working position) and 2 hooks halfway up the ladder (hook in vertical rest position) (see table). (see last photo)

NB: The track, its supports and limit switches are not included in the price and must be purchased separately.

In photo: Cancro Scaffali (8GR) with sliding system