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Carrello Professionale  |  SKU: CA35



Iva Esclusa

Professional aluminum trolley for transporting fire extinguishers, cylinders and similar objects. Produced in robust extruded aluminium, compact and easily transportable, it is specifically designed for fire extinguisher maintenance workers; in fact, it allows you to transport up to 7 fire extinguishers (11 with the horizontal kit). Equipped with a multifunction compartment on which to place fire extinguishers during maintenance. A single ergonomic product designed for all phases of fire extinguisher maintenance, from transport to filling.

Standard Equipment:
• Ergonomic push handles: for comfortable grip and pushing of the trolley even for long stretches, inclined at 7° compared to the vertical for maximum operator comfort.
Reduced size and weight: to be easily transported by car and also in a lift, or lifted to move from one floor to another.
Lower support platform: capable of carrying numerous fire extinguishers of various diameters and heights, it has a useful size of 400x315 mm.
Multifunctional compartment:
1) to insert the needle box

2) as a support surface for fire extinguisher maintenance. It is equipped with a multilayer Wiremesh wooden support surface resistant to atmospheric agents.

3) for the transport of fire extinguishers up to 50 cm in height.

4) underneath the worktop it can contain tools or stationery and the paper material necessary for recording maintenance.

Double hook elastic strap: to secure fire extinguishers during transport. Once the strap has been released, the fire extinguishers can be easily removed from the trolley.
Solid wheels: Equipped with solid, puncture-proof polyurethane wheels that are always inflated as a standard accessory. Electro-welded pressed steel flanges (260x85 mm). If the trolley remains unused for a long time, the operator will still find it perfectly functional and ready for use