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Carrello Professionale  |  SKU: CTR700



Iva Esclusa

Stair climbing trolley. Professional trolley in steel painted with epoxy powders. Ideal for use on steps or stairs which can be easily overcome using 6 high quality rotating solid rubber wheels ø 150 mm. The structure is made up of sturdy welded tubes ø 25 mm. Equipped with an oversized folding platform. Internal tubular frame reinforcements.

Standard Equipment:
• Material: steel
• Yellow color
• High quality wheels: 6 solid rubber wheels with iron hub and through hole
• Painting: epoxy
• Structure: frame with additional vertical reinforcement and integrated lifting handles
• Platforms: 1 oversized folding + 1 standard
• Capacity: 120 kg (stair climber) and 250 kg (standard trolley)