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Sgabello Domestico  |  SKU: BP2

Bobo Plus


Iva Esclusa

Aluminum ladder for domestic and hobby or professional use with double climb and steps. Built by riveting the steps to the uprights, obtaining a resistant and stable climbing ramp.

NB: The European standard UNI EN131 prohibits standing on the last 2 steps in the absence of a platform and guard.

Standard Equipment:
• Non-slip feet for maximum grip on the floor fixed with a screw.
• Accidental opening prevented by safety straps.
• The cutting edges on the steps and platform are covered with high density polyethylene caps.
• Profile 40x20x1.2 mm
• Upper platform measures 20x35.5 cm.
• Distance between steps (step) 22 cm
• 2 cm space on the platform to avoid pinching of fingers.

In photo: Bobo Plus (3GR)