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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: AP26

Aries Plus 2


Iva Esclusa

Professional ladder in two transformable sections in extruded ribbed aluminium, built with an advanced automatic edge-edging system, compliant with European standards EN131 and tested by the TUV. The top of the range series with exceptional dimensions and equipment that allow you to work in complex situations with maximum comfort .


  • Adjustable base spreader

  • Internal nylon reinforcement in the expander seat

  • Aluminum opening hardware (shell casting)

  • Anti-opening and accidental closing bars

  • Anti-slip pads to put on

  • Accessory to block the extension beyond the safety height

  • Trestle opening aid

  • Inclined rungs to avoid sharp edges under the foot and less strain on the operator's legs, increasing productivity.

  • Accidental anti-extraction device