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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: STEAP



Iva Esclusa

Very versatile and compact multi-position ladder made of extruded ribbed aluminium. Antares can be used in 3 positions: extended against a wall, as a stand or as a workbench.


  • Made of anodized aluminium, it doesn't dirty your hands

  • Double removable base expander

  • Nylon reinforcement in the stabilizer seat

  • Automatic hinges (quick positioning)

  • Upright profile 60x25 mm

  • Access ramp width 34.4 cm

  • Tread/distance between rungs: 30/280 mm

  • In the "workbench" position the capacity is 120 kg and must not be used as scaffolding

NB: Anares 16gr cannot be used as a worktop.

In photo: Antares (4x3 GR)