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Scala Professionale  |  SKU: ACT12

Roof Access


Iva Esclusa

2-element extension ladder with one rise equipped with 27 mm deep non-slip knurled flat rungs and equipped with 100 cm landing handles to facilitate the operator's safe descent onto roofs, coverings and mezzanines which are at great heights. Designed for professional use, it is made of ribbed extruded aluminum by edging the rungs to the uprights. Rungs edged in three phases for a long-lasting "sandwich" effect: phases 1 and 2 swelling of the step on the internal and external face of the upright, phase 3 swelling of the step inside the upright. 

Landing handles 100 cm reinforced profile 84x27 mm
● Rung section 27 x 27 mm
● Aluminum sliding hardware (chill casting)
● Non-slip rubber pads
● Accidental anti-slip device
● Accessory to block the extension beyond the safety height
● Capacity 150 kg
● Pitch between rungs 28 cm
● Internal useful width of base element: 49 cm
● Internal useful width of landing element: 43 cm

    In the photo: Roof Access (16+12 GR)